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The Beginning

 Our journey began on the Day of Diwali 2019, an ancient Indian festival Celebrated with lights. where people light lots of dias, and Illuminate every corner of their houses as well as light Hawan cups, Dhoop and Dhoop cones, etc. while admiring Ancient Indian tails and enjoying the Beauty of rich Indian traditions in a Satvic atmosphere of pooja. our founder Mr.Anil on that joyous day of Diwali Decided to light a Dhoop and offer up a prayer to Gods, But As he lit the Dhoop and as the first bit of fumes entered his nose, Mr. Anil felt Nauseous, he felt sick after taking just a whiff of the vapors Produced by the Dhoop. the Vapors felt Toxic. He immediately put out the dhoop so as not to spoil the sanctity of the temple.

Our founder was dissatisfied and upset by the Dhoop, he didn't understand What could have caused it to feel toxic, so he checked the Ingredients on the package box and the content shocked him, He found out that the Dhoop he had entrusted his home, his family, his children, the dhoop he entrusted the sanctity of his temple was made of charcoal, Wax and many harmful chemicals. lighting charcoal-made Dhoop or charcoal products, in general, is harmful to humans and the environment itself, when we burn charcoal products they produce carbon monoxide and many other harmful gasses that cause breathing problems in humans and damage the environment.

  Our founder was Dejected by this realization, he wanted to know what other harmful products he was using so he checked all his other pooja supplies. he found out that most of the products he was using contained Charcoal, wax, and other harmful chemicals. Dhoop Battis, Ghee wiks, and other pooja items are an integral part of our Indian traditions, and millions are lit every day, but not only festivals India has a vast culture that is followed by various festivals and day-to-day pooja culture routine and also yoga meditation and aroma therapy were diyas incense sticks, Dhoop cones, And Hawan cups are used.Our StoryOur Story


Mr Anil immediately started seeking a solution that could solve the problem of toxic and harmful chemical products. After three years of research and multiple trials and errors, we developed various combinations of natural herbs, cow dung, fresh hand-picked flowers, and best products which were developed according to our Vedas and used by Rishi, and Munies to please the gods and make environment healthy, spiritual and devotional.



After three years of research and struggle our founder founded Dhantantram. The solution to his problem. Here in Dhantantram, every product is made according to the Vedas with organic material, like hand-picked flowers and cow dung, and natural materials like Guggal, Cascadia, Jigat, etc. which provide you with safe to-inhale vapor and maintain the sanctity of his temple, while purifying the Environment. -