Our Story Dhantantram

The Journey Begins, It was the day of Diwali, an ancient Indian festival celebrated with lights where people glow lots of Diyas and place out to light every corner of their house. While admiring the beautifulness of Diwali and Diyas, we realized that There are products available on the market made from chemicals, to give the smell of natural products, a variety of chemicals are used in those products. Multiple serious diseases can be caused by these chemicals, which are hazardous to health. These products are not only used in Diwali, as you all know that India has a vast culture which is followed by various festivals and auspicious occasions where Diyas, Incense Stick (Agarbatti) and other products are used.

All these facts led to the creation of Dhantantram, a start-up to stand for this cause and to come up with a solution to provide a small contribution to enhance the spiritual experience of the worshipper. Our products are completely non-toxic in nature, made naturally and organically without chemicals. They are all made with natural ingredients like flowers, Ghee, wood, etc. You can find our products at various stores. You can relax your mind and body with incense sticks made from natural ingredients. Flowers, oils, and other natural ingredients give our incense sticks their unique fragrance.

Dhantantram is an online store that sells natural and chemical free products. Our company sells products used in worshipping God, for example, variety of incense sticks, dhoop, hawan samagri, and cow ghee wicks available. We use various species of flowers to give our products a holy fragrance; like rose, lavender etc. Dhantantram is your number one source for a wide range of natural products with divine fragrances of 100% natural essential oils blended with all Vedic and Natural Herbs.

Our Team

Strength Behind Our All Products

Dhantantram was started to bring a difference in society and not just selling our products. We are able to keep our prices reasonable because of this. Dhantantram, always believes in the word “Women Empowerment” as all products are handcrafted by village women. They have a core role in making our dream come true by delivering such organic products in a timely manner.

We focus on nature-friendly fragrances
with original Vedic products.

Dhantantram is founded by Mr.Anil Gupta in 2019 after a long research on nature-friendly and eco-friendly products that are chemical-free and charcoal free. Dhantantram can offer you Premium Quality, Environment friendly, safe to breathe, and natural products.

ln future Dhantantram will focus on upgrading its products, expanding its business into more categories, increasing customer satisfaction, reaching brand new audiences and providing a livelihood for needy and underprivileged women who currently hand rolled our pious products with love and care.

Our Highly popularized products are Cow Ghee Wick, Cow Dung Hawan Cups with Dhoop and Bambooless Incense Sticks. These products have helped build Dhantantram to the next level. As much as we appreciate the outcome of these products, we are planning to expand our product domain to skin care, essential oils, cosmetics and more.

Dhantantram has a few virtues that it will follow while producing these products, including the products being not toxic to the user, charcoal free for its healthy usage, upgrading the quality of our products, and herbal to keep it natural.

” The basis of our business is to stay close to our Customers’ understanding , their wants, needs, desires, preferences, purchasing, patterns, etc “

-Mr. Anil Gupta